Family Owned Since 1992
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We are a family owned company that strives for outstanding service each day. Since 1992, our focus has been on pleasing the customer, producing a quality product at a fair price, and creating a positive working environment for our employees and those around us.

We take advantage of the technology available in our industry. For example, we utilize GPS on all of our sites, for machine control and site positioning. This allows us to track daily production during mass grading operations, perform our own surveying in house, and grade sites faster and more efficiently, by minimizing double handling of materials and achieving final grade without the use of a surveyor or stakes. We use GPS with machine control on all of our scrapers, dozers, motor graders, and even a large excavator. When grading tolerances are very tight, we use total stations to help control dozers and motor graders for precision grading.

In all cases, when you work with Bruce Davis Construction, you will get an experienced and knowledgeable crew with a good attitude, and an emphasis on production. We would be pleased to provide references and testimonials to general contractors and developers, who haven’t had the opportunity to work with us yet.