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Rock Creek Site 15 Watershed Rehab-Sulphur, OK

Excavation, embankment, and topsoil totaling over 100,000 CY,
rip rap, hydroseeding, cast in place concrete spillway structures.

Hopewell Elementary-Kansas City, MO

Mass grading and rock excavation totaling approximately 183,000 CY,
12,000 tons of base rock with geogrid, and storm utility drainage.

Moore North AML Reclamation-Talala, OK

103 acres of clearing, 474,000 CY, onsite excavation and embankment, low water crossing, drainage structures, and sediment basins.

Park Hill Middle School #4-Park Hill, MO

168,000 CY of on site excavation and embankment, clearing, base rock with geogrid, and storm utility drainage package.

Simmons Pet Food Warehouse-Emporia, KS

34,000 CY on site excavation and embankment, 22,000 tons of base rock for paving and crane roads, 210,000 s.f. cement stabilized building pad, and storm utility drainage work.

Emporia Pavilions Shopping Center, Emporia, KS

40 acre site, deep cuts and fills, rock excavation, 240,000 c.y.

Kroger at Buffalo Springs Montgomery, TX

Site work and building pads for shopping center on 50 acre site. Cuts and fills of 250,000 c.y., and over 500,000 s.f. of cement and lime stabilization.

The Ranch House, Garden City, KS

20 acre site, 60,000 c.y. engineered fill.

Hostess, Emporia, KS

Demolition, building pad, paving, underground utilities.

Kansas Crossing Casino, Pittsburg, KS

Final grade package, 65,000 c.y., earthwork and fine grading on a 45 acre site.

Wal Mart, Holton, KS

Site work and building pad with surcharge and wick drains.

Wal Mart, Pueblo, CO

Site work and building pad with 10′ engineered fill on collapsible soils and geotextiles.

Washburn University Topeka, KS

Site work and building pad for Housing and Dining Complex.

Wal Mart, Junction City, KS

Building pad and related work.

Jardine Elementary, Topeka, KS

Site work and building pad, underground utilities and football field.

Lyon Coffey Electric, BETO Junction, KS

16 acre site, 40,000 c.y. engineered fill, building pad, site grading and storm sewers.